Inconsistency with iOS 8 Safari Keychain & Autofill

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by jdag, Sep 24, 2014.

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    I've noticed that web pages are not being properly autofilled with my name and password information. I am sure that Keychain is on and that the Names and Passwords option is on. Autofill and prompt for saving passwords does happen in some cases, but not in others.

    Notably, neither name nor password are being populated on MacRumors forums (they used to in iOS 7). I am experiencing this on my iPad and iPhone, both on iOS 8.0.1 (note that this was happening yesterday on iOS 8.0 as well). I was not experiencing this problem at all on iOS 7.

    In troubleshooting this, I have turned Keychain off and back on, I've deleted all previously stored sites/names/passwords, I've cleared history/cookies, and I've rebooted.

    In testing, I've visited several sites per the screenshot below. Note that on both Amazon and getAbstract, the username/password are saved and populated when trying to revisit the site. But on the other 3 sites, the information is not re-populated.

    You will see that on the 2 sites where the system is working properly, they are prefixed with https, and on the others there is no prefix. I am assuming there is some correlation.

    Also, the 2 sites that work do have discrete login pages, whereas the other sites have the login information "in line". But again, this all worked properly in the past.

    Any ideas? Has anyone else noticed issues in being prompted to save names/passwords/keychain? Or in re-populating fields when revisiting pages?

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    I noticed problems along these lines in iOS 7 as well as Mavericks. In my experience, I found consistency of keychain to be lacking and at times, I had saved a suggested password only to find out later on, that the suggested and saved password would not work on the site it just suggested for. Granted, it didn't happen all the time and I don't know why it was happening. But, those experiences left a bad character in my mouth and I decided to lean more heavily on a password manager.
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    I actually only use Keychain on my iOS devices. I don't use it on my iMac or MacBook as I generally don't use Safari on those devices.

    I do have 1Password which I use heavily on OSX. But with 1Password just getting integrated now on iOS (and still clunky in my opinion), I thought the autofill/keychain was a nice little convenience...until now.

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