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    Hi, I was viewing the Drake vs. Bench Press video and the Taylor vs. Treadmill and I noticed that the branding at the end of the videos were inconsistent, check Exhibit 1A/1B and Exhibit 2A/2B out below

    (Both videos were uploaded on the same day, so it's not like Apple made subtle branding tweaks over a couple months and that's why they vary)

    Exhibit 1A (Drake vs. Bench Press total songs screen)
    Exhibit 1B
    (Taylor vs. Treadmill total songs screen)
    Exhibit 2A
    (Drake Apple Music signup screen)
    Exhibit 2B (Taylor Apple Music signup screen)

    It doesn't mean anything, but it's kind of unprofessional and strange for a company of that size, and looks dumb
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    Some are designed for TV, the others for YouTube ads, and they vary for different markets.

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