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    Please see this screenshot: Shot 2017-06-02 at 6.54.11 PM.jpg?dl=0

    The image has an sRGB color profile embedded. It appears differently in the five examples in the screenshot. The left three are more colorful, and the right two are dull.

    What's really weird is even with Safari, the image appears differently when it's directly opened from the computer, and after it is uploaded to some online photo hosting website (Flickr, astrobin). When it is directly opened from the computer, the appearance is consistent with Photoshop and Preview. After it is uploaded, it changed under Safari, but not under Chrome.

    Any idea what's going on? Looks like the problem is with Safari.
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    Something is fishy here. In the screenshot above, the color looks different on Safari when the file is on some website on the internet and when the file is directly opened from the computer.

    Now, after playing around and reopening Safari, the file opened from the computer and the file on internet have equally wrong color.

    This is really weird. I appreciate if anyone has any insight.
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    This concept is wrong when discussing images uploaded to many image hosting websites. The "the image has" needs to be replaced with "these images have", and unless you download each web copy of the image and investigate, you can't be sure that the web images have the same embedded profile or any embedded profile at all. Many image hosting sites reprocess uploaded images, often stripping them of "extra stuff" to reduce storage size. The "extra stuff" removed is frequently ICC/ICM profiles and most or all metadata. The resulting images are different beasts than the original on your local machine.
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    Thanks. I am very aware of that. That's why I tried multiple set of browsers, websites, and ways of loading images to Safari. The fact that the image directly loaded into Safari from my HD looks different from what it looks on Preview and Photoshop strongly points the problem to Safari, not to the external websites.

    The latest development is that, on the computer, I have another monitor attached (Apple cinema display). When I move Safari and Preview that that display, they look consistent. As soon as I pull the two windows back to the main display (Dell 5K), they become inconsistent. It looks to me that Safari cannot recognize the color profile of the display, while Photoshop and Preview can. This is puzzling.
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    This is the number one feedback from designing production art for sites...

    - If you're saving from Photoshop or Sketch ensure that you are not embedding colour profiles.
    - Check that in Photoshop you are working in RGB and not CMYK
    - Ensure your monitor is calibrated correctly and if in Photoshop Proof is set to Monitor RGB.
    - Different image service can sometimes render out colour different on different browsers, OS, etc...
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    I've been trying to debug the same problem with images appearing too dark in Safari and preview. From what I can tell this is a problem with Mac OS X ColorSync and affects multiple apple programs. I'm not sure if it's exactly the issue that you are having as my symptoms are slightly different (safari is always wrong no matter if I load the file directly or view it through http).

    Specifically, if I use an ICC display profile (i.e. in system preferences >> color) generated by a program like DisplayCal then Safari/preview will not display jpegs properly even when the ICC profile is embedded. It typically crush the darks destroying any type of shadow detail. Other browsers like chrome and Firefox correctly show the image (as does Photoshop and Lightroom).

    Some other links that apparently discuss this issue:

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