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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Rhonindk, Feb 4, 2015.

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    This may already be in here - didn't find it.

    I have noticed that attachments on my iPhone 6+ and iPad Mini 2 are showing the incorrect size. The listed sizes are in excess of the correct size. Don't think it is a problem ..... not sure :confused:

    Example: I have three photos in jpg format sized, 1.57mb, 1.59mb, and 1.76mb. I send them from my laptop via gmail (tested via Outlook also - same issue). On my iDevices (on iOS8), the sizes show in the email as 1.9mb, 1.9mb, 2.3mb. The sizes show correctly on my Android phone (LG G3) but rounded to one decimal place (1.6, 1.6, 1.8).

    Can anyone shed light on why they are being reported incorrectly?

    As a side note, if I save the photo to my iDevice then later wish to share it (via email, iMessage, etc...), the shared photo is smaller in size (mb) and lower in resolution. Even if selecting actual size for some apps.

    Looking for understanding...... :cool:
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    Thanks but not really. This I am aware of but the size of the mismatch and subsequent loss of resolution is troubling. This big of a change is something I only see on my iDevices. It's another brick in the "do less and less with my iDevices" wall. :(
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    I don't see any change in resolution if I email photos from my iDevices, using "Actual size" in the email selection. The photos are just as high in resolution at the destination as they are on the iDevice sending them.
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    Try this:
    Take a photo (not with your iPhone). I use mt G3. Size 8.46MB
    Email it to account you can access from your iPhone. Size 8.6MB (GMail)
    Open it in your email on your iPhone. Size 9.3MB (GMail account on iOS Mail)
    Save it to our camera roll. Size Unknown
    Select it in your camera roll and email or message it to another account. Or save it in Dropbox. Or..... Size Varies but all are less than the original 8.46MB. When you compare the latest version vs. the original version, there is a difference in resolution. The original is better.
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    The iOS photo sizes is a complete mess. When I select a picture from the Photo app and do Share->Email, and then send the photo as attachment with "Actual Size" selected, the "actual size" reported is not even close to the real size of the picture that's being sent or received. For instance, for one picture it says "Actual Size (2.3MB)" but the picture sent/received was actually 1.2MB.

    iOS 8.3 on iPhone 5S.

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