Increase volume above 400% in iMovie 10.1.8 - How??


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Dec 16, 2009
I have some video I shot on my iPhone X and imported into iMovie on my iMac. Well the audio is kinda quiet so I bump it to max, which is 400%. Well I actually need it louder. How do I do that? I kinda think I'll need to export and then re-import and bump it up again but that's ridiculous and will most likely result in decreased video quality (compression). Is that my only option?
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Apr 30, 2008
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OK, I'm not very knowledgeable, but it is possible (outside of iMovie) to separate the audio stream from the video stream, into two different files (I think it's called deMUXing). Then there should be some way to process/work with the audio separately, to boost its level, with an audio processing app. Then the two streams can be re-muxed together before bringing into iMovie. I am pretty sure the command-line tool "ffmpeg" can do the demuxing and re-muxing, but it is not easy for the average user to use. I mostly wanted to say I think it's possible, but I can't tell you the exact steps...

Hopefully someone else will come up with an easier suggestion...


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Jun 6, 2016
Extract audio then normalize it or compress it heavily with Audacity, then import it back. Watch out, digital clipping is nasty.