Increasing Battery Life?

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    Aug 13, 2009
    I just bought my iPhone 3G S last Saturday and ever since I've noticed that my battery only last hardly 1 day and 6/7 hours (take into consideration the fact that I've been downloading apps and using Safari quite a bit). I was just wondering how to increase the battery life besides decreasing the brightness of the screen, etc. Also I recently purchased a clear case (forgot what brand; its the case that doesn't include the clear film screen protector) and I noticed that the back of the case (before I put it on my iPhone) was completely scratched up. Will Apple exchange/refund my money back for it if I take it in a week later from the date of purchase?
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    For better battery make sure you follow these settings

    Wifi = Off
    General>Locational Services = Off
    General>Bluetooth = Off
    General>Autolock=1-5 Minutes
    Mail>FetchNewData>Push = Off
    Mail>FetchNewData>Fetch = Manual

    My battery with reasonable usage only lasts two days. Safari is a huge, huge, huge battery drain though.

    I'm not sure about your case.
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    On battery, I'd modify the above to wifi off only if you aren't at a wifi hotspot or at home on your wifi network. If you are, you should have wifi ON. Also, you should turn off 3G, unless you can't wait for a page to load, and then turn it off again. Screen brightness should be 50% or below. And you should calibrate your battery at a frequency not less than monthly to get an accurate pic of your battery percentage (this doesn't help battery life, but make the meter more accurate).

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