Incredibly disappointed by Logitech MX518, back on search for a wired mouse!

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ravenvii, Nov 7, 2009.

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    So I got the Magic Mouse. I love the mouse, but it's horrible in Windows (tracking is horrible, and there's no scroll. And even if those issues are fixed, I wouldn't want to use it for gaming, which is 90% of what I use Windows for).

    So I got a MX518. From it's long history of rave reviews, I thought I couldn't possibly go wrong.

    Unfortunately, I was terribly mistaken. When I first took the mouse out of it's packaging and used it, I could immediately tell it's one very uncomfortable mouse. One word: it's just WAY too large. I had the Logitech VX Revolution previously, and that is the perfect size. The MX518 is so large it forces my fingers wide apart, causing pain somewhere between my middle and ring fingers, and the fact that it forces my wrist upwards to reach over the mouse...

    After a hour of using it, the uncomfortable feeling didn't go away, so I gave up on it, put it back in it's packaging and prepared for a return shipping to Amazon.

    With so many people loving this mouse, no wonder carpal tunnel is so widespread...

    Anyway... I'm back on the prowl for a wired mouse. If there's a VX Revolution that's wired, I'll praise the gods, but unfortunately there isn't.

    All I need really is good tracking, well-built, two buttons and wheel/wheel button. Anything beyond that is unnecessary. Any recommendations?
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    Dec 26, 2009

    Well that's more than "one" word =P.

    Yet the fact is both Mice are the same size, yet the Revolution has the thumb area scalloped to make easy use of the "thumb scroll". Yet when you place both mice bottom to bottom the Rev is actually a little wider due to the fancy elongation of the thumb rest.

    I'm sitting here with both, the mouse buttons are equidistant apart.

    Do you use a wrist rest? :eek::eek::eek: Sounds like you don't which is a no no if you are on the compy for long periods of time.

    Carp Tunnel is not that "that" widespread, and those who get it are guilty of bad ergonomic techniques. Your wrist should not "rest" on the table the mouse is on. You are supposed to avoid the left and right movement of your wrist axis and move the whole hand via lifting the hand off the table...or use a wrist rest.

    As I said I own both, I use the Revolution for Production/Drafting work.

    The MX 518 is a GAMING mouse and its still the best due to the "secure grip" and on the fly adjustable sensitivity above and below the mouse wheel. That's the #1 reason for a MX518, so when you switch to that sniper rifle you can slow that mouse way down for that perfect shot.

    My final recommendation is to hoof it down to a Bestbuy and just put your hands on some. It sounds like you have a smaller than average hand maybe, so what feels good to me may feel huge and bulky to you.

    Good one to try is any Razer or Steelseries Brand mouse or the LogiTech G9. Good luck!
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    i have a mx518, i don't consider my hands that large and i can palm the mouse comfortably. i'm not sure why you would be stretching between your middle and ring finger... my middle and ring are adjacent to each other with milimeters between them. i'd really like to see a picture of you using a mouse, because this just sounds bizarre

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