Indecisive about another switch to Android


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Aug 1, 2010
I'm considering another switch to Android from iOS after going back and forth several times. I'm pretty well aware of the pros and cons of both, but I just wanted some feedback on how long it took others to adjust to the change from iOS to Android.

I've had every iPhone since the 3G, gone to the GNex twice, HTC One X, and GS3 with CM 10. I'm currently on a jailbroken iPhone 5, which is the only way I can bear using an iPhone.

I really enjoy Android, but have always been limited by return policies, and chickened out before the return deadline every time. The biggest problem I've had with each phone is battery life not being quite up to par compared to the iPhone.

For those who have made the switch, how long did it take you to fully adjust to Android? Any advice for sticking with Android for the long term?

If I go back to Android, it'll either be the AT&T HTC One or the Google Edition One.


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May 3, 2009
Sounds like you really don't like iOS but afraid of switching.

The more time you spend on the platform the easier things get, don't get cold feet after the return period.

I personally love the HTC, I was playing with one the other day, but alas, I'm on VZW so at the moment I cannot change.


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Jun 12, 2010
San Diego
I just did exactly what your contemplating.
I have had the last 5 iPhones including my jailbroken iPhone 5.

I got a little bored so I tried the HTC ONE and I gotta say I'm not going back anytime soon! I did buy a brand new one on craigslist so that I wouldn't burn my upgrade. That way if the iPhone 5(S?) blows me away I can still upgrade to it.

That being said it took about two days before I felt really comfortable with Android. I didn't really find it totally different than iOS. It all actually seemed really familiar. Just more options.

Perhaps try and buy one outright so you can use it and then just sell it if something else comes along or you want to go back to iOS.

Both OS's are great, just depends on what works for you!


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Jun 2, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
I currently bought an HTC One on AT&T and love it, but I still prefer the more limited iOS because of my huge music collection and I am anal about the management of my music and Im struggling parting with the iPod app.

Android has tons of music apps other than the Native, but to me, none compare to the iPod app.