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Discussion in 'iPad' started by LongDistance, Oct 19, 2011.

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    I purchased my new iPad 2 about 2ish weeks ago and have been enjoying it ever since. However, my experience before that was not so shiny and I thought I'd share it as evidence of why Apple products indeed "just work".

    I was looking originally for a tablet to supplement my aging PC laptop. I was not ready to commit to the expense of a new laptop because I would not be settling for a low end one and was waiting for the right change in my pocket to purchase the one I wanted--also waiting for possible holiday deals. ;) Anyway, I thought a tablet would be a good in-between option to use around my apartment and when traveling since I could do most anything with it and save my computer for merely major school work with Word and updating stuff. I went to Best Buy and found that the Toshiba Thrive looked pretty nice. I was initially interested in the Samusung Galaxy but was moved by the Thrive's full size USB and SD option to expand storage. They were out so I had one ordered and it showed up a week later. No big.

    Um. No. I brought it home and was all excited. It was my first foray into Android. (I had my first iPhone with the 4 and I've been in love with it since day 1.) For whatever reason, after setting up the Thrive and reconfiguring settings--googling to troubleshoot--it would not connect to my complex's wi-fi network. Which I found was apparently a common problem with the Thrive. Needless to say I was disappointed. So after one day I brought the poor thing back and traded for a black 16gb wi-fi IPad 2. I haven't looked back since. Setup was a breeze--as has always been with my iPod and iPhone. The thing just works! Seriously. People who doubt Apple really don't understand that I don't think. I'm no girl. I had my doubts for years minus my iPod but after finding such wonder in my iPhone and now my iPad I'm a believer.

    So while the price is sometimes a bit irritating because you can get similar products for less, I'm now convinced that sometimes the price is worth it. Pay the price and get something that works. Even as a budget-cautious graduate student, the longer I have my iPad I'm finding it's going to save my butt in the long run. Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience as many others have.
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    Congrats on your iPad 2 and on getting a better experience!

    There's definitely a lot of value in a product that just works over a cheaper product that leads to frustration.

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    I sure hope they are Apple shaped? :apple:
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    Nah, mine look like this. :)

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    I recently had a Blackberry PlayBook (and a 16GB 3G iPad 2) sent to me as a trial product, and my god.. that thing was awful. Initial setup on the device took about 20 minutes without ANY tutorial whatsoever.. you turn the thing on and it starts bombarding you with questions, and forces you to connect to a wifi network right off the bat. It was an interesting experience for me (iPad 1 owner at the time) and having the opportunity to use both side by side, obviously the iPad 2 took the cake..

    I've never touched a PlayBook since, and discourage anyone from purchasing one. :apple:

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