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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by fulcrum.1995, Jun 5, 2010.

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    I recently shot my first wedding and as a gift, I intend to get a book of photos printed for them. At the same time, templates are not really what I'm looking for so iphoto and aperture will not work for me. Does anyone know of any printing services that can take pdf pages or an indesign file and make prints out of that?

    'prieciate it guys :cool:
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    There are people out there that will do that. i've looked before - I'm in the UK so what I've found probably won't be much help to you. Try sticking in the words pdf and custom as well as photobook when you google.

    If you can't find someone I'd try Lulu
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    I make books using InDesign so I can make them exactly as I like. Then I export them as pdf then I run the PDF through Photoshop to make TIFF images. Then I drop that folder of images into iPhoto and print it as a book. I'm making small runs of five or so books at a time for our sales group so this works out just right. I'm thinking of switching to Aperture for the book printing as it is supposedly better than that of iPhoto.

    When you do the layout you need to account for 1/8 inch of bleed. In other words, if you do an 8-1/2 x 11 page then the image should be 8-3/4 x 11-1/4 to account for the fact that 1/8 inch gets trimmed off on all sides.

    When I layout the book in iPhoto I format every page to be one image full page. You need to look through the themes to find one that supports that.
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    Staples, Officemax, and others can do a photo book for as well. Not sure if they take PDFs though.

    Local printers could do digital pages for you from PDF also. Worth a call to them. If you need more help I can direct you to a printer than can do a book for you digitally. Message me if you need info.
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    photo books from PDFs

    Viovio will take PDF files - that would probably be the only way I would use their service since their photo book software is not user friendly at all.

    From personal experience I have used another graphic design program QuarkXPress and saved the file as a PDF, then opened it in Photoshop and saved it as a JPEG. So, if you can convert your layouts to JPEG, you can use your layouts with any photo book printer. This is similar to the person that posted about making TIFFs and uploading to iPhoto. By the way, Aperture 3 allows you to customize your layouts, but I still found some limitations, so outside programs like InDesign and QuarkXPress and Photoshop still can't be beat for full control and flexibility.

    If you're interested I write a blog on the photo books I've done for myself. I also created a database and photo book wizard with 27 companies and counting. Since you mention "wedding" - I have a page on that with links to all of my wedding photo books.

    Congrats on shooting your first wedding!

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