InDesign CS2 and Mac Pro(Crashing while PDFing)

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by kitki83, May 11, 2007.

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    Here is my situation, at work I originally had a G5 and had no problems with it. I did a book design that I never had problems, it was image heavy mostly EPS. Well I got a Mac Pro few weeks ago and I was reworking on this file but everytime I saved to Press PDF, I got either Out of Memory, So and So EPS did not download properly or straight crashed on me. Ok this was very annoying and I tested the same files on a G4 Powerbook and it worked fined in creating me a PDF. I want to know why is it my Mac Pro I had severe problems trying to save a PDF while an older laptop did not. I know Intel and the native program situation but I tried to do is make my project non layered artwork but no success. I had to break the PDF in pages like 3 at a time to get my complete design. I dont know if I can export from CS2 TIFF files but the jpg export was horrible quality.

    I had a hard time with this project and really got nailed by the boss for taking to long. So I would appreciate if someone can help me out on this because I know I will be reworking this file again.

    PS. When a file was said to be corrupted in the errors, it would not happen again if I redid PDF save, sometimes a different file will come out corrupted.

    Thank You
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    RAM and disk space... Rosetta and the distilling process use a lot of both. The postscript file for the entire publication could have been quite large, possibly near 1Gb.

    Put far more RAM in the machine, ensure you have at least 20-30gb free on your hard drive, create PDF in sections... if all that fails, upgrade to Creative Suite 3. If you can't do any of that go back to using the PowerBook for creating PDFs.

    Gotta be honest: there's a very good reason why our studio is still using G5s and that's because production hiccups and delays cost time and money. Don't experiment with new set-ups and machines so close to a deadline, I can't begin to stress that enough.
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    Yeah learn the hard way, as I write this I found out. According to my boss I never requested CS3 for 2007 purchases and now I am screwed what to do, I may go back to G5 but my boss forced me to use MP after 3 weeks I didnt touch it. Yeah this sucks but I guess I got to be ready again when this happens.
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    Hi kitki83, I thought this could be helpful! Regards, :-D

    JH: Marilyn is unable to export a PDF from InDesign CS2, can you
    please investigate?

    AG:Sure thing!!!

    - Installed all available updates for CS2, CS3 and Mac OS. 10.4.11 Tiger
    but Marilyn was still getting "out of memory" long before completing the

    - We tried exporting the same file from another Intel Mac (Billy's)
    using InDesign CS2 and (surprise, surprise!!!) got the same exact error.

    - By looking at the Activity Monitor we can tell that at no point the
    system was running low in memory, there was always between 1-2GB of
    available RAM.

    - We have been able to successfully export the same file from a couple of
    a PowerPC G5s so we now that:

    a) The file isn't corrupt
    b) PowerPC Macs do not have this problem

    CS2 was compiled for PowerPC processors and even though it works on
    Intel Macs by means of "Rosetta" (which decodes the software to run on
    Intel), there can be compatibility issues.

    By the way...
    We were able to export the same file to a PDF on an Intel Mac with the
    CS3 version of InDesign.

    via Helpdesk

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