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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by technicolor, Mar 10, 2006.

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    Adobe CS3 on the way

    188 Id IconAbsolutData Research & Analytics accidentally leaked information about the upcoming InDesign CS3 (expected to be released in late spring/early summer of 2006) feature list recently in a survey conducted by “A major software company.” The survey also provided information about Quark XPress 7, but that feature list is fairly widely known, so I won’t bother to list them here. In addition, the survey also asked participants about “general” graphics issues and mentioned a few potential features.

    Below is a brief list of features mentioned about InDesign CS3:

    * Greater than ever integration of graphic creation tools, allowing users to apply filters, gradient blends, 3D effects and more to any element on a page, even text.

    * Enhanced typographical features, including precise controls over drop cap runaround

    * An unflattened PSD or PDF file can be embedded in fully editable form in a page. Photoshop support is enhanced to allow transparency, restacking and basic effects to be applied from within layout.

    * Allows rapid synchronization of content across multiple layouts and even across applications such as Flash, GoLive and Illustrator

    * Send stories for round-trip editing edit in MS Word.

    * Layout Styles allow page geometry to be dynamically applied to objects on the page.

    * Automated layout features allow text flows to smartly wraparound objects on the page, columns to be dynamically divided etc. allowing users to layout stories on a page without laborious box fitting.

    * Sections of pages can be divided and distributed via an enhanced workflow module able to route files to other users, with live updates and the ability to revert to an earlier version at any time.

    * Share text, XML and graphic updates via the workflow module, which can receive data from MS Word, RSS and other common data feeds.

    * Files can be distributed in lightweight XML format that can be read and commented on via Acrobat while leaving the original layout file editable.

    * Support for PDF/A

    * Smart XML output allows batch processing of layouts and support for PPML, JDF and more with minimal user intervention.

    * Available as part of a bundled suite with other key design and layout tools

    * Move content easily from print to web-based channels like HTML and Flash

    Quark XPress 7.0 which bring it’s feature list up to par with Adobe’s InDesign CS1 and CS2 app, though in my opinion XPress 7 STILL will have a long way to go catching up to Adobe’s app as far as being a “design” application.
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    It's one of those things... You know where it's...

    ...I can't believe it when I view it off a rumor site!

    But hey, nice post chap. It will allow me to fantasize how I couldn't work without these features before.

    Slightly drunk...

    Good on you none-the-less.
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    Jul 4, 2004
    Read: Because InDesign's current implementation of pages based on master pages is a horrific and virtually unworkable mess. Forget being a 'design' application. Does it work? Will it RIP or distill quickly?

    Nothing about Illustrator. Makes you wonder what what they've broken in it this time around.
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    Sounds kind of bloated to me. Becoming more and more like illustrator. I wish they would focus more on page layout and output aspects. Things people do with InDesign - Layout pages - save the file- send the file to the printer. Focus on improving those aspects first please. I agree completely about InDesigns current master page system - it stinks something rancid.

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