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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by dazzer21, Sep 9, 2011.

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    I'm experiencing a really quite annoying glitch within inDesign CS5. I'm working on a fairly large scale item (say a 40"x30" poster) and I need to adapt the same artwork for use on an A4 page, obviously a lot smaller and to a different proportion. If I group all the items on the poster, copy and paste into my A4 document and then scale down to 'fit', all the text remains the same size (ie, doesn't scale down) so all I see is 'empty' text boxes with the red cross bottom left denoting wraparound.

    I initially though that maybe there was an image wrap issue but it's not on. When I make the artwork smaller within the poster file and then copy and paste to the new A4, the same thing has occurred, where the copy is not in proportion to the boxes.

    The only way I can get around this is to 'save as' the original poster file, adjust the page size from 40" x 30" to A4 and then, in effect, work on the same file, just re-scaled. It's a work-around, but it's not ideal.

    The real problem is when I need to add the poster artwork to files that already exist (into a booklet, say) - a straight copy and paste just won't work. Anyone else had this?
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    in General Preferences, under Object Editing, ensure "Apply to content" is selected. This will scale your text attributes when you scale the text frames.
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    Or hold down Shift+Command when you drag the groups handle.

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