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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by irishgrizzly, Apr 1, 2008.

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    I've got a load of Indesign files that will be going through changes that require multiple PDFs to be created during different stages of the project. I'd like a shortcut to be able to make a PDF at predefined settings.

    I can do this in Illustrator by creating an action (save as PDF – "client proof" or whatever) and assigning that to a keystroke.

    Is there a way in Indesign? Maybe through a script or something?

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    A few options

    1. You could add all of your ID documents into a book (file > New book) and then export all of the documents at once into one big pdf. Then inside acrobat you could split them if you needed too.
    2. Create an automater action that could do exactly what you need.
    3. purchase a third party plugin, like instant pdf
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    You can define and save your PDF export settings by going to File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define...

    You can just press Command-E, choose the Preset and hit Return. There may be a script to actually go through the steps for you, but I don't have it off-hand. You can try searching here, though.

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