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    Hi Guys,

    First of all, I am aware of the threads about this on the adobe forums but I nothing seems to be working so this a pretty desperate call for help.

    I've been running Adobe InDesign fully updated (and legally, student licences are pretty cheap tho) since February on my MBP retina (mid 2014) 2,5 GHz i7, 16GB RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB GPU.
    As you can see, very much overpowered macbook for InDesign work. At the moment I'm running a few apps including InDesign, which are covering about 10GB of memory.

    Still, I have a terrible performance with Adobe InDesign, which didnt happen over the last months.
    Moving objects, undoing actions, selecting and typing, all the very common actions require an additional 0.5-1sec every time I start or select the action. this used to be instant. I've checked all my settings and I'm very certain it must be the software which got screwed up with this version but I'm trying everything to get it working smoothly again.

    This is what I've come across and tried as there seem to be more bugs in this version

    - A text handling script
    - Dumping my pref files so InDesign would create a new one
    - Creating a new user on my Macbook and see if the performance of InDesign would be better
    - Deleting InDesign Cache
    - Changing recent items to 0

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    Not sure in your specific case, but a few things I've found slowing InDesign in the past are:

    • Excessive GREPs in paragraph styles
    • Preflighting turned on for big docs (see bottom left of document window)

    You can also try different view options (View>Screen Mode and View>Display Performance) and see if any of those are any better.
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    Feb 28, 2011
    The El Capitan update fixed my issues. Don't know if it was software related on my end of the compatibility between yosemite and adobe..
    It works again and Im happy :)

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