index.html keeps downloading automatically while I browse? Please Help


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Nov 26, 2017
Canada, AB
Hello macrumors, I have had an issue lately for the past couple days or so.. I don't exactly remember when it started but lately when I browse on Safari every once in a while, depending on the website, my macbook will automatically download index.html or index.html-2 3 4 5 6 etc...

If I open it it brings me to "The King's University" a business school.

Can someone help me get rid of it so that it stops downloading this ??


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Nov 30, 2013
Difficult to say. Looks like you have some research to do.
May be, install Chrome or Firefox and use those for some time. If those do not do it, it is Safari. I expect so, but you need to know.
If it is Safari, then check all extensions in Safari. May be one of them is downloading this.
If it is NOT Safari, it could be adware or malware. Try etrecheck (from App store), let it run and see if it finds any malware or other issues. Free functionality should be sufficient. There may be other suggestions around on this forum how to deal with malware, if it indeed looks like adware/malware.