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    iNES is an NES emulator for your iPhone / iPod Touch. It has many features and runs great on any device. Features include:

    - Multiple save slots.
    - Landscape and portrait views.
    - Game Genie cheat code support.
    - Download roms directly to your device with the built-in browser and downloader.
    - High quality sound.
    - Excellent rom compatibility.
    - Wiimote support (The latest version of the free BTStack is required)
    - Multiplayer support using two wiimotes on one iPhone/iPod Touch

    In addition to using the built-in browser, you can transfer the roms of games you legally own directly to the device. Using Iphone Explorer or a similar program, transfer roms to "/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/NES/". For more information, please visit

    == New in 1.3 ==
    - Fixed name error when using built-in downloader
    - Added new site
    - Added multiplayer with 2 wiimotes
    - Fixed screen shadowing glitch

    == New in 1.2 ==
    - Added wiimote support
    - Speed improvements
    - Fixed save and load issues for some people
    - New skin
    - Minor bug fixes

    == New in 1.1 ==
    - Added additional skins
    - Improved sensitivity
    - Fixed rom-downloader
    - Added background for save/load notifier.

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    You can get games for iNES by downloading ROMs be it through the in-game ROM finder or from a ROM site online using iPhone Explorer, or a similar program. For more information on this process you can visit (although the site is underconstruction, the answer to getting games is currently available).


    **Remember you are only, legally, allowed to download ROMs for games you already own.
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    is there a one clink get all roms button/way?

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