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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Fedorov, Aug 23, 2009.

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    Okay, first off I've absolutely no connection with the author of this app other than a very happy user!

    I keep seeing "best RSS reader" threads on every iPhone/appstore forum I visit so I thought I'd give this one a plug for a change as we get ByLine and Newsstand mentioned a lot.

    Seriously, I broke my arm badly last year and I've been so reliant on my iPhone for reading news feeds from all my websites due to limited time at my PC.
    I've purchased just about every RSS reader app in the appstore and I've spent the last year swapping between all the "good" ones, which include Byline, Newsstand, Feeds etc....

    Each time an update comes out for Byline, Newsstand, Feeds... I switch to using that app for a week to see if I'm comfortable with its speed/stability and most importantly usability for QUICKLY viewing new articles on all my favourite daily websites.

    Guess what.... I return to using iNews everytime - I think for the ridiculously low price it's worth the time and small amount of effort to try it yourself for a week and see if you can manage to return to Byline, Newsstand or whatever else you use.
    If I've only got a GPRS (no Edge/3G/Wifi) data connection this thing syncs just so much faster than everything else!!! If you've got a faster connection then it will still sync even faster :)

    You may need to tweak the settings around a little, I prefer to use the PRO[/b/] mode as by default once you've READ an article it is deleted rather than marked as read.

    There are NO Folders, what I do is after it has retrieved the latest feeds, I just touch my top feed and work my way down the list, each time I've read the feeds for a particular website I just hit the delete button and they are gone.

    You can also CUSTOMIZE all the buttons/placement on the toolbars to have almost everything where you would like.

    I don't need the OFFLINE features of Byline - iNews works with both ReadItLater and Instapaper so I just mark any articles I want to read later.

    The absolute killer feature for me with iNews though is when you read the summary of a feed and you want to read the whole feed, you just hit the MOBILE button to load the google mobile version of the full web page rather than wait for the full page to load like it has to in Byline/Newsstand/Feeds etc...., killer time-saving feature!

    Enough rambling from me, I'm a heavy RSS feed user, I've relied on these apps for the past year and I keep going back to iNews for the speed and simplicity of it, I feel it's my duty to give it some more deserved coverage and praise.
    The author always responds to emails extremely quickly as well.



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