Infinity Blade Dungeons Officially Shut Down

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    Following the February closure of Impossible Studios, Chair co-founder Donald Mustard revealed during a podcast (via IGN) that the Infinity Blade Dungeons project the studio was working on has now been officially canceled.

    "When the studio that was working on [Dungeons] was closed, the game was canceled. That's really all I can say," he said.

    Infinity Blade Dungeons made its initial debut at an Apple event in March of 2012, where the third generation iPad was introduced. The game, which was said to be a dungeon crawling version of Chair's hit action role-playing title Infinity Blade, was delayed until 2013 in October and then delayed again indefinitely in February 2013.

    According to Mustard, the cancellation of Infinity Blade Dungeons is not the end for the Infinity Blade series overall. "There's more we at Chair are totally planning to do in the Infinity Blade universe," he said. "More games, more books, maybe even other products. And we are very excited about that."

    Article Link: Infinity Blade Dungeons Officially Shut Down
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    Ramsay should also have a go at this sentence

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    A shame, given how great the first two Infinity Blade games are. Of course, that's no guarantee Dungeons would have been equally good, but it certainly had a lot on its side.

    Still, looking forward to Infinity Blade III, in whatever form it turns up in. That spectrum gem was about as far as I'm willing to take II, and that's as much time as I've put into any game in years.
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    I'm still waiting on seeing if Chair will ever develop a sequel or follow up like game to Shadow Complex.

    In the past they've claimed they were busy with Infinity Blade stuff. Seems now they have some free time. So get to it.
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    Jun 9, 2013
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    D3's a great game, it just doesn't have very much longevity... Once you've killed diablo on inferno 50 times, it kinda loses its appeal. :p
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    You made my day with this. Thanks
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    It's too bad looked like it was somewhat far in development.
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    I was really looking forward to IB:D. Hopefully they lend some closure to that part of the storyline in another way!
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    It was the only game in the IB series that ever looked interesting to me.

    Oh well, I'm sure some other game company will pick up the idea and run with it. (Not that it matters. MR/TA will ignore it and none of us will ever hear of it. Because it doesn't involve EA, Epic, or Rovio.)
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    Contract not sweet enough. How does the studio fail with a project of this sort?
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    I suppose we had no real first class action games on the iPad when this was originally announced, but it did show off what could be created. Look at the games coming out on the iPad now?

    Deus Ex: The Fall
    XCom: Enemy Unknown

    Just to name two recent ones.


    They gave it to a studio called "impossible"
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    Mar 7, 2007
    Haha. The game would have been great. Impossible made a cool Skyrim competitor that is no longer supported, Kingdoms of Amalur. Infinity Blade seemed as though it would take some aspects of play from there.
  17. HMI, Jul 11, 2013
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    What the heck is that from?
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    Gramps, what the hell am I paying you for?
    Dark City.

    Great movie, and I highly recommend watching it. Though if you do, try to get the directors cut. The original version spoils the whole plot in the first 10 seconds.
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    I always figured they had to do it because they showed it at an Apple presentation. Sort of like "we have this, now we HAVE to give it to you". It's like if Apple showed you the iPhone 5S then just never released another one instead.

    Still, a shame. I was really looking forward to this, so I guess for now Wild Blood is the best like alternative.
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    how can they shut down a game that's so far in development? At least they can recover costs by finishing it or selling it on to another firm to finish and release it as a partnership.
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    Yeah the "impossible" thing was more of an ironic joke, I know they have produced some reasonable stuff in the past. Game studios go in an out of business all the time, the rest seem to get sucked up by EA...

    Console games are getting more expensive, so it's sad to see games with great potential (for iOS) getting canned.
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    really sad :( was really looking forward to this game when they announced it. the normal Infinity Blade games are fun, but get a bit repetitive. I thought this would have mixed things up a bit.

    hopefully Chair own the code and perhaps launch a kickstarter or something to raise the money to finish and publish it themselves at some point?
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    Mar 30, 2011
    I can't believe it. This looked to be such a promising ARPG and considering it's part of a very successful game series I just cannot fathom how it came to this end. Usually publishers throw any half-grown ****** game on the market as long as it's a sequel with a big name, and now it's canceled?

    I think there has been some real **** going on between developer and publisher...

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