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Jan 2, 2010
I will start.

I can't believe Chair released a rehash of the same game with minor "improvements" and glaring flaws.

I hope you like a choppy game, because even on the iPad 2 scenes drop frames. In the introduction, which should be flawless to really "sell" the game to your customer- when meeting the first deathless boss- the entire cut scene chugs. But Chair made you pay 7 dollars already, so I guess they're out the moment they tricked you into hitting the buy button. Well played Chair. Well played.

I hope you like your controls unresponsive. During fights, it is a roulette whether or not my dodges will be dodges. This is especially apparent when you have to avoid nearly impossible to dodge magic attacks. Not only are they lightning fast, but you have the extra hindrance of your dodges not going off! In the first infinity blade, I seemed to be able to pull off a scratch attacks for extra damage- while playing well. In the sequel, your best bet is to just focus on parrying, and only parrying.*

The UI is still poorly navigated. Finding the items that you just received off an enemy and what items you can buy takes more effort than necessary. Enjoying searching through your bags, because you will send more time doing that an killing bad guys.

Speaking of bad guys, almost all of the animations from the last game are rehashed. I sure hope you liked the old ones, because you get to see the all over again!*

Subtitles appear and disappear to early, during cut scenes, making it impossible to play without headphones. So I hope you aren't hearing impaired. Just think of the disappearing text as a giant middle finger to your disability.

This is less a flaw of a game, but more of a general question. Why aren't we allowed to free roam yet? You proved the technology to hold a open world for us to explore with the tech demo. Why can't we free roam a castle and encounter the enemies barring our way? Would add to the immersion of control, but I suppose that would create more work. Why work harder when you can: reuse the first code, not create a stable version to go Gold, and still have time to spend all our monies we gave you out of good faith.

Lastly for the negatives, camera angles during battles. During the Thane boss battle, why the hell is the second camera angle positioned at my ankles? Dodging impossibly fast magic attacks and ridiculous chain attacks, when I can't even see my character sure is fun... Thank you for the "cinematic" approach, but I think being able to see my character during a fight is more important. Since I can't use my dodge buttons for combat, can I at the least have a option to use them to change the camera angle?

A few positive points are as follows-

Textures and environments have improved, but models and attacks still remain detail less during combat. One of those, "let's leave it up to their imagination" moves. I sure would like it if my sword actually cut things... Or if blood came out of us when we got hurt.

Planned content sounds promising.

All in all, I am really disappointed with my purchase. I will try to get a refund from Apple. And I will be posting this on many forums as possible. While many are praising the game, I think these criticisms are well founded, and repairable. Though they should have been prevented in the first place.


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Jul 4, 2005
I didn't have any issues with responsiveness on my iPhone 4/iPad 1. Seemed fine to me but I'm not a "gamer."

What I have issues with is all the hype.

Infinity Blade 2 is the same game as Infinity Blade 1. There are no new methods of fighting just different weapons that do different things but it's still that same:

dodge-dodge-dodge-dodge-swipe-swipe-swipe-annoyingly long cutscene in the middle of the fight for no good reason-dodge-dodge-dodge-dodge-swipe-swipe-swipe-swipe-yet another cutscene with a cool death that is more interesting than any part of the fight.

Deep role-playing elements? You play one role. There are no other characters to play, I got really excited at the end but no, you couldn't play as someone else who may or may not have different strengths and weaknesses.

It's not some groundbreaking game, it's an on-rails, repetitive, boring short game.


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Oct 9, 2010
I gotta agree with the reviews. The game is very short, extremely repetitive and worst of all on rails. I finished the game in one day so I guess thats an improvement from the first version which you finished in 2 hours. I still don't understand why they made the second version on rails, especially with the improvements in graphics and memory on iPad2. Worst of all the changed the game even more into pay as you go since now you can't sell weapons that you mastered and you often end up fighting with mastered weapons because you don't have enough gold to buy a new one. So this is forcing you to spend additional money on gold after already payed that $7. This game is gonna get 1 star from me.
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Feb 4, 2008
Chicago, USA
Got to agree with the above. Chair is pretty much milking all of the success of IB1. After all the hype, I was expecting more.

This is not a new game, it's a rehash of IB1, and it feels slower, choppier and clumsier on my iPad 2. The UI and Inentory/Store navigation is a terrible, huge step back from IB1 actually.

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Apr 4, 2011
Thanks for the reviews. Disappointed in Chair but not surprised.... I guess I will put this in my "Wish List" in Appshopper and wait till it goes on sale.
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