Info Needed on returning/exchanging Powerbook


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Jan 31, 2005
Long time lurker, first time poster here.

I finally gave in last week and bought a 12" combo-drive powerbook last week when my windows machine blue-screened one too many times. I figured that if updates came w/in the next two weeks I would trade up and if not I would be happy anyway. And let me just add that I LOVE this computer...I am simply ecstatic to be using OSX.

Of course the updates came this morning, and now I have some questions. The guys at the Mac store near me said that they wouldn't have any new ones in stock for a few more days, so I have time to figure this out - and my 10 days doesn't run out until next tuesday. So the questions now you think they would let me upgrade to the superdrive model if I pay the extra $100? It seems that for an extra 20gigs on the harddrive and a superdrive for $100 is a good deal...I don't desperatly need the burner but it almost seems like a waste if I don't grab it at that price.

Additionally, will the people at the store be able to transfer everything that is currently on my harddrive over to my new computer, and will they charge for it? The only thing I really care about is Office, because I had to use one of my registration keys to install it on this computer (I'm a student), but I also put all my music and photos on already, though I have those on an external harddrive as well.

Thanks for all your help and sorry if any of these questions seem stupid - I'm new to macs!


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May 19, 2002
You'll be paying Apple to take the machine back... since you already opened it.

And no they most likely won't save anything on drive for you, burn it to a series of CDs.

And Apple isn't into doing upgrades for you (besides Customer Installable Parts), many upgrades consist of selling the machine and buying a new one.


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Jan 24, 2005
I feel your pain!!

Asuming you return it, I am guessing apple is going to charge you an open box fee. I do not know how much that is....but assuming it is only 10% or so I say it is most def still worth taking it back for the updated version. For one, you not only get a bigger processor, and can add in a superdrive for about the same. You also get 228 more mb of RAM and an extra 20gb of hd that I believe spin at 5400 rpms ( not sure of this on the 12" but check). This makes it worth the upgrade..most def.

No apple will not help you transfer any data, save it and resformat your HD back to factory condion or they will do that for you.



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Aug 19, 2003
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yeah, youll pay the 10% restocking fee. but i think the newer machines are worth it for the faster harddrives and more ram (unless you already upgraded you ram, in which case you can probably yank it out and save it for the new machine) they also have bluetooth 2.0 which sounds like a good think if you plan on keeping the machine for a while (im assuming like USB 2 everything will become bluetooth 2 pretty soon, my PB (rev A) is bad only b/c it has USB 1, i wish it has 2!!!! oh well i still like it as long as the shuffle does ok on the USB 1.
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