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    So I've been looking around for how to jailbreak my Apple TV 2G and I'm sort of confused. I was hoping someone here could help clear up some things:

    - I understand that the latest ATV software Seas0nPass works with is 5.2, although it will be tethered. Is that correct?
    -Also, what does tethered mean? Does the jb have to be reapplied after you turn it off, or when it is unplugged?
    -My ATV is currently at version 4.4.3. Is there anyway I can update it to version 5.2 and not version 6; the latest firmware released?

    Any help would be really appreciated!
    Thanks guys

    Edit: Just realized wrong apologies
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    -The latest Seasonpass works with 5.2, untethered. It works with 5.3, tethered.

    -Tethered just means that, once the ATV is jailbroken, you would have to connect it back to iTunes using your micro USB cable if you ever need to re-boot the ATV. If it is "untethered", you can reboot your Apple TV any time without having it connected to a computer.

    I dunno. Check here:

    The first post in this thread may be helpful. It goes step-by-step through the jailbreak process. Last updated in February.
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