Inherited iMac want to move my itunes over

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by dork420, Nov 28, 2012.

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    A family member graciously gifted me a 2008 iMac. It is way more gigged out than my ancient 2006 white iMac.

    The new iMac has all kinds of programs that I would like to keep. Therefore wiping the new iMac clean and using migration assistant isn't practical.

    Can I easily move my itunes and iphote files , preference , etc. to the new iMac. If yes, then how?

    Also to confuse things more all my itunes and iphoto files are currently housed on an external drive due to their massive sizes. The same situation would still be the case on the new iMac as well.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Could you not do it via iCloud?
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    Migration Assistant should allow you to move the user account and any applications you want from the old one to the new one without wiping it. You'll end up with 2 user accounts on the new one but you can delete the current one once your old one is moved across.

    Applications are generally separate to user accounts so shouldn't be affected by changes in user account set ups - except when the applications are in the users account Applications folder rather than in the general one.

    The only other thing to watch out for it that sometimes registration keys and so on are stored in the user preferences so you may need to re-enter those when you open a new application from your old user account.

    The photo thing I'm not 100% on but MA should just move the photo library across with the rest of your user data - not the photos themselves - and the library should expect to find the photos in the same place it did before, on the eternal, so it may just be a case of plugging that into the new Mac, open iPhoto and.. it works. Hopefully.
    It worked like that for me with iTunes at least.

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