"Inherited Phone" What will happen?

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    I just got a 4s, and my wife inherited my 4. It was synced two days ago on my account, and still has all my apps (very few) and settings. (Her phone numbers from her Crackberry were ported over by AT&T, and the phone is up & running on her number. My wife is NOT technical, & does not yet have an iTunes acct.
    What will happen if she does nothing?
    What will happen if she gets iTunes acct?
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    She'll then have an itunes account?

    Do a restore on her phone so she can create her own iTunes account and set it up with her own stuff.
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    If she does nothing she can continue to use the phone as-is. From iOS 5, Apple made the iPhone PC-free - meaning that OS updates, etc. could be done without hooking the phone up to iTunes. (iOS can now be done over the air). However having an iTunes setup really is beneficial as it allows you to more easily update the OS or perform other functions such as restoring the phone in case problems are encountered.

    While iTunes is no longer essential it certainly helps owning and managing the device much easier. What happens if your wife wants to buy music to put on the phone? I'm guessing it will be easier for her to have her own iTunes account than for her to go through your account.

    If she does get a new iTunes account, it will probably be worth her while setting her phone up as new. This will mean losing the apps that are already on there (not that many as you've said). The only thing she'll probably have to re-enter are her stored telephone numbers.


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    If she makes a new itunes ID she will have to purchase and download all the apps you already have on your itunes account.
    She can still use your login and share and use the same apps you have on your library.
    She can restore and setup as new and then transfer her own contacts and info on the phone also.
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    ^^^ +1 Been doing this since 2007 with my "off-duty supervisor" and she just deletes the apps she doesn't use...:cool:

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