Initial problem with Macbook!


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Sep 30, 2006
I received my Macbook on the 24 Sep around 5:00PM. After waiting for almost 10 days to receive, I plugged in the adapter and started working with the setup. It ended almost midnight and I have not noticed that the adapter's green light was not functioning.

In the morning, I took Macbook to my office without the adapter and started working with it. After nearly 45 minutes it gave a low battery signal, and I turned it off. Went back home, and put the adapter and read the manuals. Then I realized the green light did not lit. Made a system check and noticed that "battery not existing"...

Day after I called Apple - Turkey; very gentle technician told me to send the battery, which I did right after. Two days later the same gentleman calls and tells me that there is nothing wrong with the battery...

Since the Macbook works with the adapter on the mains, that means there's nothing wrong with the charger either.

Any suggestions...


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Feb 17, 2006
Clovis, California
It's supposed to turn Amber when it's charging and then turn Green when it's done charging. Of course you probably already knew that, but I was wondering why you didn't mention the Amber light. :confused: