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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by alainr, Dec 11, 2010.

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    i am a new slr owner shooting in raw. I changed from elements to photoshop cs5. I now started to upload my photos to bridge and then use adobe camera raw.

    from what i can figure out, if i open photos in iphoto and export the ones i like to bridge in their current format, they are still unprocessed raw files--is that right? but they can still be printed?

    is there a disadvantage to opening the files in iphoto, selecting the ones i like and then exporting them to Bridge? (vs opening them in bridge from the beginning). I wld do this for certain photos that i have to crop/resize/label to certain specs. other just family photos i wld keep in iphoto which i find more intuitive.

    the one thing i thought about is that by opening them in iphoto i don't have all the raw files in one folder.
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    What are you using Bridge for? Generally if you store your photos in iPhoto (or Aperture or Lightroom) you do basic edits in that application and then if you feel the photo needs big edits then you send the photo to Photoshop and then save it and it will appear in iPhoto edited.

    So really the only disadvantage to exporting to Bridge from iPhoto is it's an extra step.
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    I used iPhoto and PhotoShop for quite a while until I moved to Aperture 3. If you shoot in raw, then iPhoto keeps that format but generates a jpeg thumbnail for you to view in that app. I set PS as my external editor. When I had a photo to edit there was a right-click edit in external whatever that opened the raw file in the Adobe Camera Raw part of PhotoShop. You don't really need to use Bridge unless you like it better than iPhoto.


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