Inkscape very slow on '09 iMac


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Aug 27, 2008

Just using Inkscape for the first time. Was just playing a round with some text, 2 duplicate layers.. Then some filters (blurring etc)

Ive found it to be terribly slow.
eg. Move one layer with mouse or arrow keys - Takes a good half a second to refresh... Filters takes a good 1-2 seconds to apply.

Anyone else have this problem?
2.66Ghz - 4GB DDR3 - Geforce 9400

I know my specs arent great.. But Ive just purchased an HDV cam (HV40) and am worried that the iMac wont handle it.


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Aug 5, 2007
Slovenia, EU
I am using Inkscape 0.47 on an 2,6 GHz Athlon X4 and it works really well (under Windows 7).

Is the Mac version native version or you must run it trough X11?


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Nov 30, 2003
As far as I can tell 0.47 runs pretty well on my 2.4Ghz MBP (in X11 on Snow Leopard).

Startup is about the only thing I've found to be slow.

Edit: Actually, I've just played around with it a bit more, and after applying a filter or two refresh is pretty slow. It's Inkscape, though, not your computer. (I haven't installed it on my Windows partition, so I can't compare it to the Windows version.)

Also, I'm not so sure that a port of an open-source vector drawing program would give any insight into HDV editing performance.
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