Innovation having a Magic Mouse/Magic Trackpad to remotely turn on/off your Mac?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by aziatiklover, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Like the title say I was thinking earlier how come an Apple product can't do something very simple that xbox 360 and ps3 can already do?! I manually turn off my iMac earlier and pick up my ps3 controller to turn it on, then I realize why can't I not do the same thing with a more advance machine like an iMac with a magic mouse/magic trackpad. they are all using the same technology of bluetooth :confused::eek: I"m guessing it's gonna suck for me later when I get a mac mini for the TV, and will have to turn it on/off manually instead of pressing a simple button from my bed.
    Opinions guy?
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    This is possible with PCs, and I am pretty sure it is just a choice Apple made (for whatever reason) to leave it out.

    Not sure this is true, but I though I remember reading that this feature used to be available, but Apple took it away for security purposes or something. Maybe someone can tall me if I'm remembering correctly or not.

    As for the Mac Mini/Apple TV thing, you could just leave it in sleep mode all the time and wake it with Bluetooth that way.

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