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    Aug 2, 2010
    I would just like a little input from some users who maybe have experience with both services and/or who have made the same switch in the past..

    I have two email accounts which I use daily (home/work), my contacts, and calendar synced through Google. I've recently switched over from an Android to an iPhone (which complements my MBP/iPad nicely).

    I'd like to use iCloud's services to sync Apple's other offerings across all of my iDevices, such as Reminders, Notes, etc. - and possibly in the process also streamline my email/contact/calendar management.

    I've read up a ton on the subject and have found a bag of mixed reviews [to be expected, I guess]. Some praise iCloud - some hate it.

    I guess I have a couple of basic questions and then whatever insight of your own you could share would certainly be appreciated. Thanks in advance..

    1. Is it reliable? I've used Google for quite a while without too many hiccups. If iCloud works as advertised, fantastic - however, I've seen many users complain of outages, duplicate data, disappearing data, etc. and I just don't have the patience for that.

    2. Is the only way to keep my Gmail addresses AND utilize iCloud to forward them in some fashion? Assuming this to be the case, does the user have the ability through iCloud to send/replay to emails from an external email address? If not, that would be a dealbreaker as I cannot replay to work emails from my personal address.

    3. Does iCloud offer push email? Coming from an Android device, I miss push Gmail and do not want to use their iOS app in order to achieve it (Gmail app < iOS Mail app IMO).

    If I think of others, I'll add them..if there's anything that a new iCloud user should definitely watch out for, please let me know!
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    1.) Been reliable for me. Goes down here or there, but nothing to bad that I've experienced. Its usually back up right about the time I realize it is down.

    2.) No. As of right now you cannot reply from an external address though iCloud.

    3.) Yes....push is there.

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