Inquiry on Macbook logicboard.


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May 16, 2006
Hey guys

I bought a black macbook sometime on the first week of september and it was definitely DOA. (bought it from school bookstore)

After sending it back, letting them check and allowing them to send it in to Apple, its been a month now and there has been no reply.

I called them today and they told me theres been an unofficial recall of macbooks because of mother logicboard problems and that neither them nor apple has any stock.

Does anybody else seam to be having the same trouble or am i the only one that got a really bad macbook at the wrong time.



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May 30, 2006
They should have replaced your unit immediately or given you a refund.

Sorry to hear about your troubles.


Jun 18, 2004
Took something like three weeks to get my logic board from Apple due to supply problems.


Jun 18, 2004
yojitani said:

I just got my MB last week and am just getting to know it. Please don't let this happen to me!!! God of MB logicboards is....?
God of Technological Faults is iGary, you might want to kneel before him.


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Jun 28, 2006
Overland Park Kansas
when I took my MBP in to the Apple store in Kansas City to get the top casing replaced from warping, they replaced my logic board. They at the time said that they didn't think that was even part of the problem.

Why would they do that? What could be the problem that my logic board affected the case warping. I would assume the heat, but the apple service guy said that the heat is not what warps the casing. He said that its a myth that heat can make the casing warp. Now someone please fill me in because I was under the assumption that the warping problems were directly related to extreme heat. Yet they tried to tell me that aluminum, which is what the case is made of can not warp unless its over 200 degrees celcius, at which point the computer would have already shut itself down.

What gives??? And if I am wrong what causes this???