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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by liptonlover, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I'm slightly surprised there hasn't been a cube thread, but here's one now. First I want to get the word out in case everyone doesn't know, that the latest update that has been out for a while has much better controls imo. I also want to share every little detail about cube I can think of that'll help you actually enjoy it. I read the reviews and it seems most people don't partly because they can't figure it out. Also, please chip in with what you can think of.

    First is the most important: Getting baddies into the map. It's really such a simple thing, I can't believe people don't find it right away. Go into the menu and you see 'load map...' and just below that 'singleplayer...'. You are in an empty map right now. To select an empty map just select load map and choose one. To play one with baddies in it, select singleplayer, start SP map, and select one. There will then be guys to shoot.

    In singleplayer, there are two categories of maps. SP maps and DMSP maps. I used to think these meant singleplayer and death match singleplayer, but that doesn't really make sense. Anyways, as a general rule I noticed SP maps run faster than DMSP.

    The control scheme is still a bit of a pain, but a few things will make it easier. Whenever you touch and hold look, you can also move forward, backward, left, and right. The top right will show a plus sign indicating your accelerometer movements. When you fill a bar up all the way you move in that direction. What's slightly annoying is how it recallibrates everytime you let go of and touch again the look button. So whenever you start moving again your current angle is neutral. Remember that when moving around.

    Picking off targets can be hard with look, so another thing you can do is tap in the general area of the center of the screen. This will move the cursor to where you just tapped. You can't drag, but it's still nice. You can then proceed to shoot.

    Multiplayer is pretty much worthless as far as I can tell. Three servers show up, one is called local host. None of them work, I tried with my brother. We both connected to the same one but couldn't find each other, switching maps on one didn't do anything to the other. But I noticed one thing. The servers say different cube protocol; this leads me to believe that they're only for desktop versions of cube. If anyone knows how to run a server for the iphone, that'd be awesome.

    Editing is alot to swallow, but I'll tell you the basics. Before doing anything else, select the second item on the list, toggle edit mode. A grid will then show up around your cursor, laying on the floor or ceiling. In edit mode you can still move around, but you can move up and down too, floating. To select a square, press fire. This will select the highlighted cell. You can then select an action from the edit menu.
    Under map operations you can load and save your maps. create a new one (all the 'newmap' options), and set a few things.
    I'm not sure how to apply textures or how to properly place some items like the bridge which insists on floating in the air, or monsters which appear to be there but aren't when I go back to play mode. If anyone knows about this, please reply.

    Tweaking is simple. FOV stands for ___ of view. Can't remember what the F is, but FOV sets how far back or forward the camera is. This pretty much sets how much of your gun you can see.
    Water subdivision sets how detailed the water is. The first option is the best/slowest, the last is the worst/fastest.
    Dynamic lights/shadows is probably best off, it slows down the game and there isn't a big difference.
    Not sure what gamma does, I never notice a difference.

    Finally, there's commands. I don't know any, but you can probably find them online and try them out.

    Hope this helps!
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    FOV= field of view.
    Interesting post--hope others contribute. I haven't spent much time playing Cube, but it's definitely worth a new thread...
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    After some snooping and messing around, I can tell you a little about commands now too. There're two basic points. First, every command begins with a forward slash. Second, they are all just a value. To check a value type in /________. To change a value, type /_________ new #. When checking a value, the number will appear in the log in the top left corner.

    The two commands I know of right now are /screenflip and /sensitivity. For screenflip 0 is the default, 1 is the opposite. Sensitivity starts at 0, with a range from 0 to 10,000. I'm not sure exactly what raising the number does, but I found the game easiest at 10,000 so that's what I recommend.

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