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    Although this isn't a Windows on Mac issue. This is a regular Windows issue which keeps popping up for an unknown reason. As this is the closest forum category I'm posting here.

    For some reason. Whenever my Windows computer wakes from sleep. Some event keeps popping up a message to insert a DVD into my computer and the drive pops open. I can't figure out why this is happening. I've checked the Event Viewer and see no messages relating to it. I've tried inserting a blank disc and the dialogue closes but does nothing. No malware has been detected on any scan I've run either.

    I'm not trying to actually do anything with the drive. The drive itself works fine, I can read and write to CD and DVD.

    I'll just be on the web, working on a Word or Excel file or some other mundane activity. Suddenly the drive pops open, a blank file explorer windows opens and the dialog to "Insert disc" "Insert a disc" "Please insert a disc into drive D:".

    The computer has a clean install of Windows 10 Pro (within the last week), my basic productivity applications, antivirus and printer software. Which is the same setup I always used before the hard drive failed and I had to replace it.
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    I was wrong. Inserting a blank disc does not make it disappear. It just was hidden.

    The drive letter randomly changes as well. But the DVD drive still pops open. Here is a screenshot for G:.

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    A couple of troubleshooting steps --

    Start in Safe Mode to test.

    Do a Clean Boot.

    If you get a clue from either of those steps, you can use autoruns from technet to prevent an app from running at boot. Or, you can use it as a tool for a process of elimination to see if a start-up item is causing the behavior.

    If none of that works, you could try adjusting your auto-play settings as a work-around.
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    I would suggest you to contact your Drive Manufacturer in order to get the recovery tool or fix.
    Since your drive is working good it could be problem with some sort of application which causing this issue.

    Thank you,
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    Try the following steps:

    Run hardware and Device troubleshooter
    1. Click on the Start button, and type “Troubleshooting” on the search bar.
    2. Click on troubleshooting, then click on “Hardware and sound”.
    3. Under Hardware and sound, click on “hardware and devices”.
    4. A pop-up will appear, click on the “Next” button and your hardware troubleshooting will start.
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    It's referring to a hard disk not a DVD try going into disk management you can find it through search and seeing what drive or partition is labelled g:

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