Inserting mini CD in iBook slot drive.


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Oct 29, 2004
Surrey, England
fBaran said:
Has any one done this? Can it get stuck in there?
You can't put and mini cds or business card cds in a slot load drive, i'm almost certain of that, they will go in but won't come out! So yes they do get stuck, it's just an inherant problem with slot load drives i'm afraid.


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Jan 21, 2002
Langley, Washington

Apple supports 3" Discs in the original TiBooks only.

Only use odd shaped disks in tray system (Why the PowerMac will never be slot loading.)

Places like Fry's Electronics, Tiger Direct, and CDW sell "wrappers" for 3" discs, and even for the odd shaped discs so you can use them in slot loaders (including your car). I'd definately look into them.

BTW: The slot-loading vs 3" CD issue is what forced AOL to go back to 5" CDs 6 years ago. A class-action suit was brought against AOL for sending the 3" discs and people with slot loading drives (Read: mostly Compaq Users) stuck them in their drives, and got stuck, forcing repairs.

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