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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by insomniac321123, May 22, 2006.

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    Jan 23, 2006
    Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this. How do you insert pictures into replys(on these forums). I can put a link to a flickr page with the picture on it, but I can put the actual picture into the reply. How do I do this?

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    At the bottom of the page in Flickr, it gives you URLs for the images. Copy this into the clipboard, and then click on the yellow icon that looks like it has some mountains in it. Then paste it into the popup.

    Or put it in between two tags that look like this without the spaces:

    [ IMG ] the url here [ / IMG ]
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    The easiest way to do it is to click on this Picture 1.png button in the toolbar which gives you a place to type the url of your image. Alternatively you can just type [​IMG]. Your other option is to attach the file by uploading it first, using the paperclip icon in the toolbar.

    Hope that helps! :)

    Edit: Too slow :eek:
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    Jan 23, 2006
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    Be aware that if you choose to attach an image instead of its URL, it has to be small enough, and there have been some problems recently with getting attachments to show up. I've attached several things the last week, and each time I had to fool with it, going back and forth, clicking on things, to get it to work.

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