Inspire 6.1 6700 and Power Mac G5


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Feb 24, 2005
I am about to buy a power mac g5 2x1,8ghz and my pc speakers that i now have are the 6.1 6700 of creative.

As i know ,y speaker system is analog 6.1

The power mac has either 2 chanell stereo (analog) or 5.1 digital outputs

So i have a problem!

As i saw here
i can buy a usb sound card and everything should be allright with my speakers.

Is this card : ( Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX 7.1 USB ) a mac compatible card? Anyone uses this audigy? Will it work 100% correct in my mac? Of course it will work correctly with my analog 6.1 speaker system,eh?

Or is there any digital to analog converter so i can connect my analog speakers to the digital output of the power mac? Is that more expensive? Do you recommend me any kind of such converter?

PS Buying 5.1 digital speakers is not an option 'cause it's rather expensive 4 me!


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Aug 14, 2002
Toronto, CANADA
here is a link that talks about the difference between 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 surround sound formats. it looks like using the digital output from the G5 (optical) into your speakers (assuming those speakers have a digital decoder), it should work. the 6th channel (rear surround) will probably just be the sum of left & right surround channels.
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