Instagram Bringing Direct Messages to the Web


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Apr 12, 2001

Starting today, Instagram is bringing direct messaging options to the web. As noted by The Verge, a small number of Instagram's global users can access their direct messages from the Instagram website in addition to the iPhone app.

The rollout today to a limited number of customers is just a test, though depending on how it goes a wider rollout could come in the future.

Direct messaging on the web is almost identical to direct messaging through the iPhone, so the interface will be familiar to Instagram users. You can start a DM with someone from a profile page or the DM screen, and there are options to create groups.

Double tapping likes a message, there's an option to see how many unread messages are available, and photos from the desktop can be shared in DMs. Notifications for DMs can also be received if notifications are enabled for the Instagram site in the browser.

Article Link: Instagram Bringing Direct Messages to the Web


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Nov 22, 2011
It was possible to use DMs on the Mac for quite a while now by setting User Agent to iPhone in Safari's Develop menu.


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Dec 11, 2007
No iPad app. They never got rid of likes as reported months ago.


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Jul 29, 2002
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The battle for eyeballs continues.

I discovered yesterday that Twitter's Direct Messaging feature supports the "Typing..." indicator. Didn't realize that they had implemented that feature.

Now Apple needs to fix their Mac Messages app. It's slow and buggy to the point of me being afraid to open it. Shouldn't be that way. I miss the iChat days when things were actually fun, and Apple was ahead of the pack, and FaceTime was not a separate app.


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Mar 20, 2014
Well than you don’t actually need to have the app at all anymore. Posting via Buffer, Stories with Storrito and Messaging in the browser. It gets better to manage an account without getting distracted from the content of others.