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Apr 12, 2001

Instagram is ten years old today, and the photo-based social platform is celebrating by introducing an easier way to find old Stories, custom icons, and new tools to prevent online harassment.


As reported by TechCrunch, a new private Stories Map and calendar offers users a retrospective of the Stories and photos they've shared over the last three years so they can look back at their favorite moments and re-share them if desired.

Users can access the new Stories Map and monthly calendar view from the "archive" menu under their profile.

Instagram has also announced new anti-bullying features that aim to automatically hide potentially abusive comments. Hidden comments aren't completely deleted, however, and can still be viewed by tapping a "View Hidden Comments" button.

Instagram is also expanding its comment warnings when people repeatedly attempt to post potentially offensive comments.

The platform already has a feature that notifies users when their comment may be considered offensive by giving them a chance to reflect and make changes before posting it. Now this feature will target repeat offenders and suggest that they take a moment to step back and reflect on their words and the potential consequences of posting them.

Lastly, to celebrate 10 years, Instagram is allowing users to switch up the app's icon on their Home Screen. Users can choose between a range of new and classic icons in shades of orange, yellow, green, purple, black, white and more.


To access the new icons, open the settings section within the app and do a long swipe down on the screen. A column of emojis should appear at the top of the menu, after which the icons will be revealed.

To get the new features, make sure you've updated to the latest version. Instagram is a free download for iPhone on the App Store. [Direct Link]

Article Link: Instagram Celebrates 10th Birthday With Stories Map, New Icons, and More
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Jan 20, 2011
What about some privacy options improvements?

I can't make the accounts I follow private (only me)... this is totally dumb!


Jul 25, 2016
omg i love the 2011 icon. sitting right next to my rune master which never had its icon updated))

i wonder if they will let us keep this in the future updates?..

Same here! It also made me realise how poorly the iOS flat icons have aged, and they've been around since 2013 iOS 7. We're now on iOS 14, I think it's high time for a full-on UI refresh.


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Jul 25, 2016
yes, apple should reach out to google to help with app icon redesign :)))

Oh god no, Google's are everything that's wrong with flat design nowadays. Then again, is the Photos app icon any different than the formulaic blobs-on-white-background that's on every other Google icon?

Apple has top notch designers making high-res illustrations out of (ani)emojis, why not pour some of that talent into the app icons we look at daily? Heck, they can get a kid from Dribbble to whip up something better for them.
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