Instagram Rolls Out New 'Pressure-Free' Updates With Vanishing Live Videos and Direct Messages

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    Instagram today revealed two major new updates coming to its platform, including transient live videos and direct messages, akin to Snapchat. The company has added live video as a new UI option in the story camera -- Boomerang was added there recently as well -- and the feature lets users go live for up to an hour. As with Facebook's own live video, friends get notifications when the stream begins, and can comment as events unfold.


    Live video will also be added into the Explore Tab, so users can see trending and most popular live videos, perhaps from news sources and entertainment accounts as breaking news happens across the world. Just like stories, live videos will disappear when the stream is over, "so you can feel more comfortable sharing anything, anytime," according to Instagram.

    The company is continuing its "pressure-free" mantra with disappearing direct messages, which will let users send photos and videos to friends and groups that disappear once they've been viewed. The sender will also be notified if the receiver has replayed the message or taken a screenshot, just like in Snapchat.

    While live video is gearing up to rollout globally over the next few weeks, the short-lived photos and videos in direct messages will begin appearing in the Instagram app today. For those who have yet to download it, Instagram is available for free on the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Instagram Rolls Out New 'Pressure-Free' Updates With Vanishing Live Videos and Direct Messages
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    Next Week:
    Instagram divided on name change, Instachat or Snapgram
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    All these social media apps sound the same.
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    This post contained a really witty and interesting comment about 10 minutes ago, but you missed it, sorry.
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    Ugh. I miss the old Instagram with less baggage.

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