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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by skyrider1, Jul 12, 2012.

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    I know that the install CD only works on the original macbook it came with but my question is what hardware is it specific to? Is it the logic board?


    Is it only specific to my laptops model. IE, if I had a 2nd macbook pro from the same time period (same model) and I lost the install CD for that one, could I use my 1st laptops install cd?

    Also, so I understand if I had a desktop mac instead the CD would not work because it is the original install to my macbook pro. But, if I connect the HD of my mac to my macbook pro, would I be able to install SL then switch the HD back to my mac?
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    It's linked to laptop model, not the serial number. If you had two identical Macbook Pros (The identifier is the same, MacbookPro8,2 for instance) the restore disc would work on both.

    The Restore Disc would not restore the iMac, correct. What you may be able to do though, is boot up the iMac in target disc mode and connect to the Macbook through Firewire. Then boot the Macbook from the restore disc, and when you get the option to choose where to install to, select the iMac disc (which is connected in Target Disc Mode).
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    I just got my SSD (for my macbook pro 13 inch mid 2009 model) so I was planning on installing that in the optical drive location with OS installed but also leaving my HD in.

    This way I can boot up from drive for work and another drive for personal use.

    Are there any problems that could arise from doing this?

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