Install DVD not working. Can't install OSX

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by blossomsmiles, Oct 2, 2010.

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    Oct 2, 2010
    Hi everybody,

    I've created a massive disaster by trying to delete the Windows OS on my Mac. For the moment I'll skip all the details around how I got to this EPIC FAIL but the current condition of my Mac is this: when I restart it goes straight to the Windows OS which says "error loading operating system", when I press command+option+P+R it takes forever to load/and most of the time my Mac Installation DVD is simply sped out/. When it loads I'm trying to install the MAC OS all over again/dont care bout the data - its backed up/, it only shows the WIndows Partition which originally was FAT32 but I clicked options and I've changed it to Mac /which was the exact moment when "error loading system" appeared/ the Installation goes ok till the moment when it starts checking the Mac Install DVD and gives me an error and asks me to restart the installation. Now I'v tried with two different DVD's, cause it told me that I should check my DVD for fingerprints, stains, scratches, etc., which is not the case. And still does not work!! Please help cause I'm not very good at this in a first place, than I've already read 100 pages of how to fix it, and after all Im a woman!! I'm trying to keep my spirit up, but the truth is my whole life depends on that laptop / work,studies,family,friends/ so really really need your help. plase write me an email if have any idea how to fix it. THANKS!
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    I would suggest this. Open Disk Utility from the Utilities menu inside the OS X installation. I can read that you got this far. Now inside the Disk Utility program you choose the Main harddrive, the one at the top on the left side of the screen. Not the name that says Macintosh HD but the one above. Now with this selected you turn your attention to the right side of the window and notice the five tabs. One of these is called Partition. Select this and from the Volume Scheme choose to have one partition only. Click Apply. This will rid you of your Windows OS which is defunct. Can take a while so be patient.

    You should choose to have the Volume formatted as Mac OS Extended Journaled(chosen on the right under Volume Information) remember to give it a name also because I think it will be named Untitled.

    This will leave your Harddrive empty. Now try and start over. And this time skip the Installation DVD check, I always do this. If your DVD is already free of scratches and fingerprints I see no reason for it not to install.

    Look at this image for the window that you'll see. Notice how I highlighted the main harddrive on the left.


    Edit: in all the time writing this I noticed that your DVD is thrown out most of the time. Usually the DVD's from Apple work. I can't quite help you with that part. Maybe the drive is just not working. Have you been using it non-stop?

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