Install Firmware w/o OS? HELP!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mattthemutt, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. mattthemutt macrumors regular


    Jun 13, 2004
    Ontario, Canada
    I just bought a Macbook, and it was the floor model, which required a restore. I wiped the drive, but the store gave me the wrong restore discs, as I need to update the firmware, but OS X is gone.

    How do I use terminal to update the firmware?

    Please help!
  2. matticus008 macrumors 68040


    Jan 16, 2005
    Bay Area, CA
    Take the restore discs back to the store and get the right ones. If they don't have copies on hand to give you, they'll at least have the DVDs available for you to wipe and reinstall your OS X installation so that you don't have to wait for the discs in the post.

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