Install iWork or iLife first?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by SilentPanda, Jan 20, 2005.

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    So with several of us having ordered iLife and iWork (mine is suppose to come on Friday!) which are you going to install first? iLife for the "familiar but new" feel or iWork for the "semi-familiar and partially new" feel?

    I'll probably end up installing iWork first just because I feel like I can play around with those more... can't really play around with iDVD or iMovie, while I like iPhoto I'm hardly ever in it (although I use it), and Garageband is more of a "have fun with it" app... Pages will be neat to poke at and I've used Keynote 1 so 2 shouldn't be too much different. So I guess primarly to play with Pages.

    At least iWork only requires iLife 04.... although... hrmmm... maybe it would be better to install iLife '05... let iPhoto and such do it's updating, then install iWork...

    Bah... it's Apple software... I'm sure they don't care... ;)
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    In truth, it probably doesn't matter which you install first.

    My iWork & iLife were shipped in seperate boxes - if yours were shipped seperately, you could find you have one before the other (even if it is only a few hours) - why don't you wait untill you see what you have in hand first and then flip a coin?

    In some ways, I suspect updating the iLife software first and then installing iWork might work out a tad better.

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