Install Lion 10.7 on any Mac using Lion Mac in Target Disk mode

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by Fry-man22, Jul 25, 2011.

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    I've seen quite a few posts asking how to install Lion on other Macs after installing it on one of them. I've also seen people with Macs that came preconfigured for Lion ask how to distribute it to other Macs. The solution to this is, in my opinion, really slick and simple - just boot the Mac with Lion installed in Target Disk mode and then hook it to the Mac on which you want to install 10.7. Once it's connected just reboot the Mac you want Lion on and boot to the Lion Recovery partition on the 10.7 mac in target disk mode - It just pops up as another disk.

    Full step-by-step:

    * Boot your Lion Mac in target disk mode by holding T at startup
    * Connect Lion Mac to SL Mac with FW
    * Boot SL Mac while holding Option key
    * Select Lion recovery partition as boot disk
    * Run Lion installer and point it to the appropriate disk on SL Mac

    Note that I have only booted my second Mac to the partition and verified I could boot to the recovery partition and step through the installer. I have no reason to believe that from that point it would have any issues continuing to install.
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    This works!

    I had the idea myself and this was the only reference I found to confirm my idea.

    One thing to warn you about though, upon completion the host system will reboot to the new Lion from the guest and once disconnected will not know how to boot.

    To correct this on the host computer:
    1) hold down the option key at boot
    2) choose your regular hdd
    3) once in your original system, goto system preferences and change the startup disk to your internal hdd

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