Install new HD and OS X won't pick it up


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Sep 5, 2008
Hello All,
I have a macbook pro and I replaced a 160gb hd with a 320gb hd and I have been having the damnest time install the OS X. OK, here's what happen.
1st I install the new 320gb hd and tried loading the oS from cd, it looked fine and everything went through the installation on the first disk, but it never asked for the 2nd disk. I look at the Disk Utility and saw that I could do anything to the volume I name Main HD2, which is the partition for the new hd.
2nd time I finally was able to wipe the new 320gb hd clean by zero data and try a new install which worked and ask for the 2nd cd and ran it's course and ejected the disk, said it was going to restart and on the restart the apple icon come, then the winding circle, then a blue screen with nothing on it.
Now when I power off and insert the 1st cd and hold down the "c" to get to the start disk my partitioned volume is a folder with an "X" on it and in the disk utility the partitioned volume reads like it has the OS x install on it. Please help....... I took out the 80gb the mac came with and replace it with the 160gb with no problems


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Sep 16, 2008
Hong Kong
As far as I can remember, you have to partition the new hard drive first before you can start a clean installation.

Once the installation begins, means booting up with the DVD, than you will have the installer loaded. Go to Tools-> Disk Utilities and partition your hard disk to Mac OS Journal first.

Boot again and start the installation. Shall work this way.

PS: You can also use firewire, USB or target drive method to partition the new hard drive before installation.


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Nov 12, 2008
Ottawa, Canada
Kenny is right. You need to format the new drive first. Run the Disk Utility when you first boot off of the OS disc and format the drive, then continue on with the fresh installation. As for your "second disc", are you talking about the disc that had all your preinstalled software on it? The last few times that I've done this, everything has been on one DL DVD. The last time I did it was about a month and a half ago when I replaced the 80GB drive in my iMac with a 500. I would say start clean, format the entire drive all over again, and give it another shot.