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Jul 26, 2006
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I need some advice on intalling Leopard.

I have a PowerBook currently running Tiger, but what Option do I choose when installing Leopard?
  • Upgrade Mac OS X
  • Archive & Install
  • Erase & Install

I would really like to do Erase & Install... however I am 180miles away from home. this is where my Microsoft Office, iWorks06, iLife06, Final Draft, Dreamweaver and Sound Studio Discs/Serial Numbers are. Also there's noone at home who can post them to me. :mad:
So doing the Erase & Install is jut not an option as I'll loose all the programmes I have on my PB.

So what other option do I choose?
All my personal files (e-mails, music, movies, photos) are all backedup onto an external drive - that's when I had the thought of Erase and Install - but then realised I didn't have the intallation discs to hand.:eek: thanks god i remembered.

Thanks for any adive or help.

Father Jack

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Jan 1, 2007
I went for "upgrade" option. It went smooth and everything (except InDesign) works perfectly. The upgrade only took about 17 minutes on my Mac Pro although as you would expect the Mac Mini took a tad longer !!


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Aug 15, 2006
Carlisle, Up Norf!
Upgrade seem to be working fine for the most part, but I would choose Archive and Install.

Just seems a little 'cleaner' to me than Upgrading (Which can give you issues)


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Jul 2, 2007
what exactly is the differance b/w upgrade and archive and install...
with archine and install do i keep all my programs as well as files??
i also cannot do a clean install, as im thousands of miles away from home.
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