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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by BodaciousBBQ, Jul 29, 2003.

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    Jul 13, 2003
    Ok, I am a TOTAL newbie, having just switched. How do I install software. I placed a disc in the drive and a screen came up that had "copy to HD". I clicked on it figuring that would do it. And then a message came up that said something about the program unexpectedly "quit".... what am I doing wrong, if anything? Thanks.
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    Dec 15, 2002
    All you have to do is open up a finder window, go to the applications folder, and just drag the program over to the application folder. Thats it! no installer, nothing. You ccan copy and paste to if your more comfortable with that. Dont know why it crashed, but move it over to the applications folder and try it again.
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    Feb 2, 2002
    True in this case, but sometimes software *does* come as an installer. You can tell by the name and icon. In that case, run it from it's location, then trash the installer afterwords. But in this case, yep, copy it over, then trash whatever it was in-- if it created it's own folder or disk image...

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    Re: install question

    Programs only unexpectedly quit if either their preference file is corrupt or if there is a directory or system level issue with your computer. The former is fairly easy to diagnose:

    1. go to Home -> Library -> Preferences and locate the files with plist in their filename's suffix that refer to the application that quit and move them out onto the desktop. Remember some files may have the developer's name and not the software title name itself.

    2. Try reopening the application. If you get to at least the registration code asking screen or the program launches, you have fixed the problem, though may have to reenter the registration code.

    The latter is a little more complicated:

    1. Boot off the Mac OS X installer CD or DVD that came with your computer.
    2. Go to installer menu -> Disk Utility -> First Aid tab
    3. Select hard disk, and select Repair Disk.

    If errors occur, hit repair disk again up to 4 times until all errors are gone.

    4. Quit from the Installer menu, and restart the computer.

    5. If errors didn't occur at all, and you still have problems, you may have to clear the system cache with the freeware:

    and run the cron scripts using it as well and update prebinding for the system, as well as repair permissions.

    6. If errors were not able to be eradicated completely, restore your system from the last backup you made. For those who have no backup, I strongly recommend getting a Firewire or SCSI hard disk depending on which built-in port you have on your machine and backing up with either


    and verifying the backup is bootable. Do this frequently, and do it before you run into a system problem that compromises the directory completely. You may be able repair disk directories with 's Disk Warrior if the Disk Utility can't, but don't count on it as a substitute for having a backup handy. Disk Warrior can repair the directory of systems whose directory only has been munged. Any more extensive damage will require recovering from a backup.

    Directory damage is frequently caused by force restarting or shutting down the computer using the power button instead of the Apple menu. If you are forced to restart your computer due to a solve the kernel panic issues first, as that should prevent further directory corruption. Naturally, if the directory itself is causing the kernel panic you may find yourself having to reformat your hard drive in anycase.
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    Dec 7, 2002
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    My guess for it quitting is just that it's trying to write to the CD, and the programmer didn't make a custom error. Once it's on the HD it should work.

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