Install Sierra - on an external EVO SSD 500 (Samsung)

Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by mikzn, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. mikzn, Jul 23, 2016
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    Just installed Sierra on an external SSD in Cadi usb3 ( EVO 500 Samsung) - idea being to swap with the existing internal drive later (if all goes well) and no need to have a "back up" or to migrate later - just swap the drives.

    Install on a mid 2012 15" MBP - external EVO SSD 500 (Samsung) - and migrated the El Cap system and existing apps to the new external SSD (1.5 hours) - so far so great! All good so far - going down the list of applications - top to bottom - opening each one, testing and accessing data etc.

    Was worried about upgrading and the many negative comments on the internet, and hey good to know - but WOW - so far all is awesome - no major issues!

    Love some of the new features - for example did not know you could play a video in the imessage without going to an external app? - very cool, and of course - very cool to see siri work on the MacOS

    Have tried Mail - all seemd to be fine - no issues - saw other comments to the contrary - I only have 2 accounts on mail (work emails are separate - exchange server - outlook ) - personal email on mac mail / icloud and and both work fine and do not create an "on my computer folder".

    Had a few apps that still need the legacy version of Java SE 6 - iAccounts / iBackup, Arduino and another app that I can't remember.

    Pretty solid beta in my view - glad I have it on an external drive - but my feeling is I will swap it with the internal drive within a week or 2 if I don't see any major bugs / problems ( internal drive will become the back up and new SSD will become the Sierra upgrade - daily driver.

    Very impressed!
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    afte installing Sierra -did not know iMessage would play video content like this while embedded- pretty cool. . .
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    A follow-up question from your earlier post .... when booting your 2012 MBP from an external SSD, how did the speed compare to the native running on the same MBP? What I'm asking is, how was the speed in terms of being usable on a daily basis for work?

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