Install windows into mac pro (early 2008) in other ssd with RAID card


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May 1, 2016
Guys, good evening to all the meantime,

I get out of it crazy to short, I humbly ask for help.

I explain my problem:

I have a Mac Pro (early 2008) with RAID CARD MEDIA installed

not using it so I"gave" to my mother which, have to use windows for work.

I pull out all 4 disks in RAID installed and mounted 2-SSD OCZ Agility 256 gb.

one of these is installed OSX Yosemite. on the other I want to install WINDOWS.

and here the problems begin:

when I insert the win8.1 proceed standard installation dvd (EFI not talked about since early 2008) I get, when I have to decide on which disk to install and format windows, does not reveal any drives installed

after 2 days of tweaking I was able to understand that it is a problem due to the RAID card installed, I also read that you just remove it and connect the SSD to one of the two empty ODDsata doors (and not in the 4 slots provided for the raid card)

but still does not see any attached HDD / SSD, so keep trying and I find that it is a driver issue, and I should install the AHCI driver, now, I'm pretty Nerd, but I still can not get out.

Can someone kindly explain step by step what I have to do to install this **** win on MacPro 8.1 designed for RAID card ???

Thank you so much in advance.

A greeting



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Dec 12, 2005
hay you have odd spacing in your post makes it hard to read.
you have a macpro 3.1 with two SSD's plugged in to a raid card (not internal bus? & what raid card)

when you try to install windows it can not see any HD's installed even if the SSD you want windows on is not plunged in to the raid card.

have you tried pulling the raid card and the SSD you use osx on so it's just the windows SSD in the macpro then trying to install windows then once windows is all ready to go (fully updated etc) reinstaling the raid card and SSD with mac osx on.

(may also be the raid card that is the problem)

PS what GPU do you have


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Jan 15, 2015
on a 3,1, the raid controller adds an SFF connector that goes to the 4 internal drive bays. The SFF connector on the logic board is still able to be used, effectively giving you a total of 10 sata ports (4 raid + 4 on the logic board SFF + 2 odd ports). You can get a SFF to 4 sata cable and route them into the optical drive bay and install windows on a drive there.