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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by in2tech, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Aug 23, 2012
    OK I have tried the demo of X-Plane 10 and absolutely love it and I am still surprised it works so well on my MBA! It only comes on DVD and I do not want to buy a DVD drive for my MBA! First how to I get it on my MBA! Can I load on my PC and than transfer to the HD and than onto my MBA? And even worse supposedly you have to have the DVD in a drive to use it as it's the key to let the game run. Or purchase a USB key for an extra $29.99 on top of either $49.99 for X-Plane Regional USA only or 69.99 for the Global version! It also a large game in size about 40-60 GB but I don't care I'll just trim down my MBA HD when I want to use the simulator! I know I'lll use it non stop for months and than might not use it again for 6 months etc.... Plus the speed of the SSD is awesome and probably one of the reason's it works so well on my MBA!

    I want the $49.99 version and no extra expense!

    Any ideas?
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    The required detection of Disc-1 is going to be trouble. I used to mount a disk image of it with Toast to get around it. I'm not sure if it still works. Basically you could make a disk image of Disc-1, erase all the big files, and it would detect it as legitimate.

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