Installation of Mac OsX stop at "Select a Destination"

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mgprod, Jan 28, 2009.

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    Jan 28, 2009
    Hello everyone!

    I have a problem with my iBook G4. I've open it to reach the Hard Disk and memory stick in the 64 ways to do it (took about 2h30). So everything went great, I changed my old memory stick of 256 megs for a new one of 1 gig and replaced the old HD who was brocken for a new samsung 160 gigs. After that I rap up the iBook and everything went great again.(Took about 25 mins)

    It's when I tried to install the Mac OS X who came with the ibook the problem appear, it's always stopping at: "Select a destination volume", and below there is nothing to select from, it's like the OS X CD doesn't see the new HD???

    I made a running test with the CD iBook G4 Apple Hardware Test, and it went well, the software had verify everything, the memory and the HD, so no indication off errors or failures.

    So I'm stock there, can someone help me before I have to open the laptop again, everybody knows that is a pain...!!! :(


    I' waiting for news!
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    After you select your language while booting from the Installer DVD you need to launch Disk Utility from the menu bar, then initialize the drive as HFS+ with journaling enabled and Apple partition map (from the Partition tab of Disk Utility). Only then will the Installer see the new drive.

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